Are you an NHS practice?

Yes. We register every eligible patient under the NHS for their examination and are happy to provide NHS treatments wherever possible. However, there are (mostly cosmetic) treatments that are not available under the NHS. We are still happy to offer them so you know all the available treatment options and make an informed decision.

Do you take on new patients?

Yes, we are currently registering new patients under the NHS. Unlike the GP services, you do not need to be registered to book an appointment and there is no catchment area – simply contact our reception team to book an examination (or an emergency appointment in case you have an urgent query), and please come in about 15 minutes early to fill in the necessary forms.
Please note that the first step is always an examination, we cannot book patients in for treatments straight away.

Does the NHS cover hygiene treatments?

No, the hygienist works only on a private basis.

Can I have white fillings on the NHS?

There are strict criteria on what the NHS can cover and application of white fillings is rather restricted. Please discuss all options with your dentist during the examination. We do offer white fillings on a private basis, should this be your preference.

Can I get help with costs and choosing the right exemption option?

Upon your arrival we would need to ask you to fill in the blue NHS form where you can indicate if you are currently exempt from dental fees. However, our staff cannot advise you on which option is relevant, please do check your entitlement before visiting us. We are happy, however, to provide you with the NHS Cost Help telephone number where you can clarify eligibility and all doubts.