Due to the high number of providers and the almost infinite number of insurance policies, we are unable to deal with insurers directly. We are happy, however, to provide any information about your treatment that your insurance company may require in order to process your claim.

Upon your examination or last appointment to complete the treatment please bring in the insurance claim form and we are happy to fill it in with the details. Please note that we would need to take advance payment for treatments, however, we can confirm payments for treatments (that is, fill in the form) only after they have been actually carried out.

Should you need an invoice, feel free to ask the receptionists to print you off a copy on the day you are being charged.

Normally we ask patients to bring their insurance forms with them. We see a large number of patients with insurance forms and printing the forms would mean a huge pressure on our printer and our staff’s time.

Can you help me with what I am covered for?

Unfortunately we are unable to advise you on what your insurance covers. The best thing to do in case you are unsure of the details of your policy is to call your insurance company with your treatment plan and they can advise you on what treatments are covered.