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Root Canal Treatment in Surrey Quays

When infection spreads to the tooth root, the only option to save the tooth is a root canal. While this treatment might have a reputation for being uncomfortable, it can help you to get control of your dental pain quickly and save the natural tooth from extraction. If you’re having issues with dental pain, book a consultation to learn if you need a root canal treatment.

Endodontics is a specialist form of dentistry concerned with the health of the tooth roots. The most common endodontic procedure is the root canal.

Root canal treatment can help to preserve a natural tooth that has been badly damaged by decay. When infection spreads to the roots of the tooth, this can lead to extreme dental pain, sensitivity and an abscess in the root of the tooth. This condition will not go away without intervention.

A root canal exposes the infection portion of the tooth and removes the damaged pulp at the centre of the tooth. Next, we clean the root canals to ensure no bacteria remains. We then fill the roots with a special material to help give the tooth structure additional strength. And finally, we cover the tooth with either a filling or a crown.

Root canal treatment is often the last resort before a more invasive procedure such as an extraction. It can also help you to eliminate the source of your dental pain quickly.

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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Flexible Appointments

Access dental care when you need it, with flexible appointment times and emergency appointments available daily.

Stop Your Pain

This treatment will resolve any pain you might be experiencing by addressing the source of the problem.

Nervous Patients Welcome

Our team are specially trained to support nervous patients in their journey to better oral health, simply contact our team.

Modern Facilities

Our modern and welcoming dental practice offers a wide range of treatment options under one roof, making dentistry more accessible.

Latest Technology

Our treatment plans are guided and informed by the latest dental technology to ensure better outcomes for patients.

Finance Available

Make treatment more accessible and affordable with 0.0% interest payment plans to spread the cost of care.

Root canal treatment might be daunting, but the team at Surrey Docks Dental Practice will put you at ease throughout your treatment.

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Every treatment journey is unique, but this is what you can expect when you start your dental treatment with us. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.



If you are having dental pain that comes and goes, book a consultation with our team. We can confirm the cause of the pain and determine if you require a root canal treatment.



The treatment will take place over 1-2 visits. You will be numbed throughout the treatment, so you shouldn't feel any pain or discomfort. Once the treatment is complete, the source of your pain will be gone.



We'll support you to care for your teeth at home by providing aftercare advice and tips. We'll also invite you for a checkup after your treatment to ensure the tooth is healthy.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about your treatment. We’ve answered the most common patient questions below.

Your tooth will be more sensitive in the days following your procedure, so you should avoid direct contact with very hot or very cold food and drink. You should also avoid sticky or chewy food, as this can cause the crown or filling to come loose.

The root canal procedure may be completed over two visits to ensure the canal is properly cleaned and free from bacteria. We may fill the canals with a temporary filling to clean out any remaining bacteria. When you return to the practice, we flush this out, fill and then seal the tooth. This is more common in very complex cases with multiple tooth roots. Some root canal treatments can be easily completed in one visit.

Recovery after a root canal is very quick. You might have some slight discomfort and increased sensitivity in the days following your treatment, but this should soon pass. After one week, your tooth should feel and function like normal again.

The root canal procedure should not be painful as you will be numbed throughout the treatment. However, many people remember it being more uncomfortable because they have an active infection at the time. This is why root canal treatment has a reputation for being painful. Some people prefer to get their infection under control with antibiotics before starting treatment.

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